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An internet search about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting can be confusing and overwhelming. How do you know if what you are reading is evidence-based, up to date and accurate?  Our Health Professional shares evidence-based prenatal, childbirth, and parenting information. We want you to have access to a reliable place you can turn to during any stage of your journey.

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What Services We Offer

Here are the services we are dedicated to offering you!

Childbirth Classes

Having a baby should be a positive experience.

Our goal at Baby Bumps and Beyond is to equip you with evidence-based information so that you and your partner/support person can feel empowered and confident to make informed decisions during the birthing process...

Our Childbirth classes prepare you so that you know what to expect at every stage and to help you make the best
decisions for you and your baby during your birthing journey.

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Baby Care Classes

Newborns don't come with a manual, but our Baby Care Classes come close!

When it comes to having a baby, nothing is as scary to new parents as providing newborn care.  Our baby care classes prepare parents to know what to expect with a new baby.

We want every parent to feel confident when the baby arrives and have reliable resources that they can turn to.
We provide hands on parenting skill-building. Our classes are unique because we focus on both the baby and
dealing with life after baby including postpartum recovery.

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Private Classes

We provide personalized and tailored childbirth and Baby Care classes. We come to you! Do you have a group of
friends expecting together?

Are you interested in having a class in your community?

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Helping you achieve your positive Birth Experience

Nurturing confidence, Informed Decision Making 

Helping you connect with your support person


Baby Bumps and Beyond Blog has unique and interesting topics about pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and child development. 

We want to share our personal and professional expertise with you so that you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

We are here to be a part of your journey.

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