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About Us

Baby Bumps and Beyond is committed to being along with you on your journey!

Our Vision

We are very passionate about parenting education and ensuring that people who are embarking on their parenting journey, receive relevant, reliable, and evidence-based information in a convenient, accessible and creative way.

Our company was founded under the belief that educating parents and caregivers about the Pregnancy Journey and Transition to Parenthood is a right for all.

Classes that are Informed by Experience

We are very passionate about the work we do, with over 17 years of experience while building our knowledge from working in Labour and Delivery, supporting women and their families through the birthing process and supporting them when they are home with their baby.

Our experience informs us that parents who have received education and support during their pregnancy were better prepared for the birthing experience.

We have been supporting new parents and families for many years to make informed decisions prenatally, during the postpartum period and while parenting.  Our passion has allowed us to find creative and unique ways to educate parents and caregivers of diverse backgrounds.

About us 2

Professionals, Hands-on Experience, Passion & Commitment

Our primary goal is to empower families with all the required skills from pregnancy to parenthood.

Our combined professional and personal experience has allowed us to recognise the gaps that new parents face when trying to acquire useful, reliable and evidence-based information.

Parents want to access a one-stop shop with professionals they trust and information they can rely on.  Most of all, they don’t want to feel like they are alone on this journey!

Registered Nurse

Labour & Delivery Experience

Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA certification in process)

Over 18 years of experience

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