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About Infant Massage

In many cultures, the practice of infant massage is passed down from generation to generation. Infant massage helps to foster bonding and attachment, verbal and non-verbal communication, love, respect, trust and belonging among many other things. Infant massage may help to reduce gas, colic, constipation and may influence relaxation by reducing stress hormones.


Baby Bumps and Beyond classes are for parents with infants 12 months and under

Infant massage classes offer a wonderful opportunity for you to learn how to communicate with your baby through nurturing touch and massage.

Infant massage can help:

For more information on the benefits of infant massage please refer to the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) website

What to expect in our class

In this course you will learn

What to expect during each session

What you will need for the session

Class handouts Included in the course

The Parent is the Expert

At the center of the IAIM training program are the parents and their babies. The parent is seen as the expert in their baby’s needs, and the babies themselves are considered the best teachers. In infant massage classes, Certified Infant Massage Instructors demonstrate massage strokes on a doll and share information on other forms of touch and communication, such as facial cues, body language, and vocalizations. While parents work with their babies, the CIMI focuses on enhancing the relationship between parent and baby


Our Infant Massage Class is led by an IAIM Certified Instructor of Infant Massage (CIMIs) (currently certifying). IAIM is the largest and most experienced infant massage organization globally, with more than 70 countries. All IAIM infant massage instructors throughout the world receive a comprehensive program of practical and theoretical training. IAIM Certified Instructors of Infant Massage (CIMIs) share the belief that every baby deserves respect, tenderness, warmth, and a listening heart. Infant massage is a communication process that parents and babies share, which promotes these values.


The IAIM Program is evidence-based and the principles are supported by many professional organizations and world authorities. See for more information.

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