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Many of us don’t think about our health until there’s a major shift in our life. Finding out you are pregnant can often jump start that shift! Many pregnant women/couples/families may start creating healthy habits during this time. Staying healthy during your pregnancy is important for you and your growing baby.

Here are some ways you can stay healthy during your pregnancy:

  1. Attend all of your prenatal appointments
  2. Regular follow up with your healthcare provider can help ensure that you are staying on track with your pregnancy. Whether that is adequate weight gain, the baby’s growth or your mental health. Keep track of all your appointments in a calendar or set reminders on your phone!
  3. Eat Healthy & Nutritious foods
  4. Your body needs nutrients for you and the baby. Eating a well-balanced diet can ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you need! Heading out of the house for the day? Pack a lunch bag with healthy snacks! If you are having trouble figuring out how to get in a well-balanced diet, or are experiencing symptoms of morning sickness and are worried you aren’t able to eat a well-balanced diet, connect with a dietitian who can help guide you.
  5. Take your prenatal vitamins
  6. If your doctor has prescribed you prenatal vitamins, take them as prescribed! Your changing body and the growing baby need the added vitamins and nutrients to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.
  7. Drink your fluids
  8. You’ve probably heard the phrase “stay hydrated”. This is especially important in your pregnancy. Water is a great choice! Make sure to get in your 8 cups or more a day. Take a reusable water bottle with you on the go, so that you can make sure you are hitting your goals of 8 cups a day!
  9. Get in your steps
  10. Staying active can help keep both your pregnant mind and body healthy. Taking daily walks is a good way to make sure your body is moving throughout the day. Each pregnancy is different, so connect with your healthcare provider to see how much activity or exercise is right for you
  11. Get enough sleep
  12. Getting enough sleep is important for your physical and mental health. We recommend aiming for 7-9 hours. You may think this is hard to achieve especially if this isn’t something you were doing before getting pregnant, but small changes can set you up for success. Start a bedtime routine. Find something relaxing to do before bed instead of watching Netflix or scrolling on your phone. Try breathing exercises or meditation. Go to bed around the same time every day, and wake up around the same time everyday. Sleep on your left side. Write out your sleep routine, try to stick to it and adjust it as needed.
  13. Learn about your pregnancy and what to expect
  14. Research shows that understanding the changes that occur during your pregnancy can help reduce your stress, anxiety and fears. Find helpful, reliable and evidence-based resources like this Baby Bumps and Beyond website. Register for Childbirth and Baby Care Classes like the ones that are offered by Baby Bumps and Beyond so that you can prepare for your birthing experience and have an empowered birth!


  1. This is your journey. Small changes in the right direction can help create lifelong healthy habits!
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